What is it

StuBits is a multiplayer team and solo game about exploding your friends and solving challenges in a hazardous environment. In StuBits players can join different maps which have their own game rules, from free-for-all matches to assemble teams or completely cooperative experiences.

The game has several gamemodes:


Players have to accomplish map tasks to score while avoiding being disassembled by others.

 Sudden Deathmatch

Players have to dismantle eachother and survive the environment. Last survivor wins.


Players have to run to the end of the map while struggling to survive. In each round the first to reach the ending line gets the most points.


One bad robot has to disassemble all the others before time runs out. The other players have to survive or destroy him using map mechanics to win the round.

 Robot League

Under Development (between you and me... it's like soccer but the ball can explode you).

The main character

Also known as "the character you play with", STU is a Standard Trash Unit robot made for cleaning up the trash in mega factories. To do that STU needs only one tool, it's pressurized kinematic arm (or PKA), with a powerful hammer that can punch trash, objects and other STU units around. This hammer doubles as a magnetic hook (that is known for also hooking plastic and concrete) that can pull him towards heavy objects or grabs smaller trash pieces. This robot unit was developed to work in dangerous places, therefore its other special ability is to be DEAD CHEAP. Fortunately, STUs can be built in seconds and can get back to action quite fast.

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